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For any writer who aspires to be an author, knowing how to publish a book is essential. It's a common scenario you have an idea for a book but you have no way of knowing how to translate that idea from your computer screen into print or online.

We will be guiding you through the book publishing process and give you the resources to choose which publishing option fits your work best. But first, you should know about traditional and self-publishing.

In traditional publishing, the publisher handles the marketing, distribution, and warehousing for your book. This is the traditional method to book publishing because there is no expense to the author mainstream publishers make a profit from the book's sales.

 Whereas in self-publishing, depending on which type of publisher or platform you choose, the majority of the work falls on your shoulders and you pay for all expenses. The main advantages of self-publishing are that you control when the book is published, you retain all rights to your book, and you receive 100 percent of the profits.

Writer Guidelines and Procedure

 The most important things needed for submitting your book for publishing are correctly formatted files for Book Interior and Cover. Apart from the files, you will need to provide the following information in the Book Submission form.

·         Book Title

·         Author's Name

·         Language of the Book (this cannot be changed later. You should select the correct language)

·         Category of the book (this cannot be changed later. You should select the most suitably category)

·         Number of Pages: Number of Pages as in the interior file of your book

·         Interior Paper Type: Between Plain Paper and Coated Paper, Plain paper would be good for most books. For gift books or for coloured books coated paper can be chosen.

·         Book Binding Type: Select Perfect or Saddle Stitch Binding. Saddle Stitch Binding is available for 64 or lesser number of pages. Perfect Binding is available for 50 or more pages. Select accordingly. If a non-applicable option is chosen, we'd convert it to the applicable one.

·         Colour Scheme: Whether the interior of your book should be printed in black and white or coloured. Please note that the book can be priced according to either all pages coloured or all page black and white. Selected pages cannot price as coloured. If even one page is to be printed in colour, it will have to be priced as a fully coloured book.

·         Book Dimension (The page size of your book). Must correspond with the page size of your interior file.

·         Once the Book Files have passed the technical review by our team, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions to update the following and publish the book.

·         About the book: Can be skipped for private books. For publicly listed books, it is strongly recommended that you put a good, short abstract in the form of description. It should be something that tempts users to buy the book. Simply saying "Human Resource Management" does not convey much. Make sure that spellings and grammar is correct. If the Book Description does not have correct language, it is unlikely that someone will think of buying the book.

·         About the author: Can be skipped for private book and totally depends on the author.

What are Writer Services?

Many a times Authors need professional help in preparing their book.

For example Editing, Formatting, Cover Design, Indexing etc. These services are available as paid Services.

What services are available for writers?

A large number of services encompassing all aspects of Book Preparation are available. If you need any services please feel free to contact us.

How much do the writer services cost?

Some services have standard packages and pricing. For other's we need to give individual quotes depending on the manuscript.



 Number Of Pages  - 240

Book Size – 5 Inch X 8 Inch

Soft Cover with Perfect Binding

Black & White Interior with Coloured Cover

Plain paper with ( 70 to 80 GSM)

Price – 750 Per copy*

 *This is an indicative Price actual price may vary.


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